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 Global Health: An Introduction

 (work in progress)


This textbook is an introduction and survey of global health. The approach of this book is to emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of global health, while placing it in the context of medical science and international development. The book is thirteen chapters divided into four parts: 
Part I Foundations of Global Health
Part II Trends and Challenges
Part III: Social and Institutional Influences
Part IV: Paradigms and Prospects

The distribution of health, like the distribution of wealth, is uneven across the world. To many students, it seems unfair that a child in Sudan has such poor chances for survival compared to a child in Sweden. Do they not have the same basic right to good health?  These disparities haunt any consideration of global health. They are a powerful reason that global health is studied, and why it is a fascinating, complex and important topic. What are the causes of the huge differences in the length and quality of human life in different parts of the world? What can be done to address it? 

Global Health: An Introduction
will be published by Pearson Canada in late 2016 or early 2017.